Which type of learner are you?
We have 250 Multimedia Training Courses business and soft skills designed to accommodate the differing learning styles we know learners have.

Mission is to make and habitual. Skilla does this through multimedia eLearning courses that stimulate different intelligences and respect the variety of learning styles people have.  250 highly interactive bite-sized courses, and covers a wide range of business and soft skills including leadership, management and personal effectiveness, to help equip staff and to thrive in the digital era. The courses are designed for the time-poor and information-rich context in which most people work.  The multimedia courses can ‘stand-alone’ or be combined into Learning Paths. Don’t worry; our learning experts will help you the perfect package guaranteed to engage, entertain and deliver results, fast.

For more than 40 years, Video Arts has provided engaging video learning solutions to organizations to support their employees’ professional development.

Your Learning Journey

We believe in the power of to help people learn. As well as using world-class production experts, we also employ a range of famous faces to feature in our videos. Put together, these three elements of high quality production and well-known actors all help facilitate a change in in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Micro Learning
Micro-learning video libraries offer a great way of supporting formal and informal learning anytime and anywhere.