Business Writing for Impact

An Online Writing Programme for the Business World

By Write Thot Solutions

Have you noticed that there has been a marked change in the way the business world writes? The old writing styles cannot capture the attention of today’s readers. Bear in mind that the internet has affected and changed writing and reading styles.

This programme not only addresses issues such as this, but also teaches adults the communicative aspects of writing and paves the way to writing effectively.

Drawing upon vast experience in the working world, Write with Impact combines various methods to make this an effective online session. Participants will be constantly involved in activities such as analysing, doing short exercises and writing to keep them on their feet.

Employees will leave the workshop understanding how to craft messages that bring about their desired objectives with the help of some basic grammar rules.

What sets this programme apart from others is the fact that it is designed by a practitioner who has not only had experience in training but also in working in the corporate communication sector and has done extensive writing and copywriting.

General Objectives

To understand the basic communication process, how it applies to writing and affects internal and external communication.

To learn the basic aspects of writing that applies to office correspondence.

To learn how to create effective paragraphs and sentences.

To improve on ways to obtain and provide information as well as opinions.

To improve writing skills for emails.

To enhance the knowledge of some basic grammar structures such as active sentences.

To learn some relevant words, phrases and business idioms used for writing in the business world.

Who Should Attend
Team leaders

Think differently to alter direction.

The experience of learning to read and write for the first time is likely to remain vivid in your memory. The skill is ingrained and it stays. The primary objective of our training and workshop is to make your new knowledge and abilities as durable as the ones you've already accumulated.  They foster fresh ideas. They enable great feats. Individual behaviour and attitude contribute to your organization's success is what we prioritise.

Combining experiential, instructional, and discovery learning with current coaching technology promotes profound transformations in attitudes and behaviour that enable sustainable change in your business. These adjustments improve results.

Our programmes involve with 12 unique learning methodology as below:

Training Schedule

Day 1

Module 1 Writing – A Powerful Communication Tool
  • Why and when should you write in the business world?
  • Understand your purpose in crafting messages
  • How readers respond to written messages
  • The effects of badly/carelessly written messages on organisations
Module 2 Pre-Writing Strategies for Success
  • 7 must-have steps leading to effective writing
  • Ways to organise points and elaborate on details
  • The 4-point plan for messages requiring action
Module 3 Winning Over Attention Part 1
  • Differences between business writing and non-business writing
  • Using active sentences to maintain interest
    • Explanation of active and passive sentences for simple tenses, continuous tenses and the present perfect tense
  • 7 Writing Cs for a professional finish
  • Creating compact paragraphs
    • four types of paragraphs
    • understanding effective paragraphs
  • The right way to use bullet points
  • Common grammatical errors
Module 4 Emails That Stand Out
  • Formats that allow for quick grasp of information
  • Tone and writing styles – when to be formal and informal
  • Email etiquette in today’s world
  • When to use and not use templates
  • Focusing on openings and closings
  • Ways to make suggestions, offer opinions and disagree diplomatically
  • Hands on writing session for different types of emails

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