Design for Engagement: Effective Techniques for Delivering Digital L&D that Drive Business Results

Practical Approaches for Engaging the Modern Learner

About this Workshop

Employee involvement has always been one of the biggest L&D problems that corporations have to deal with and has become increasingly challenging especially in today's digital and disruptive environment, where companies are moving to digital learning.  The challenge for L&D teams is to make training courses that get people  interested and play to their motivation to learn. It is important to make sure the structure of the course also contributes to a good learning setting.  Are there ways to increase the digital learner’s engagement? What are some of the key factors that need to be considered? How do we implement a digital learning strategy that is effective in today’s organizations?  Effective digital learning strategies which drive learning engagement needs a holistic and methodological approach combining various concepts. This applies  to not only the channels of content delivery but also the content and methods of training.

Workshop Outcome

  • Understand a step-by-step approach to design and develop effective digital L&D programs that engage learners and drive results
  • Apply design principles and techniques to create engaging and interactive digital learning experiences
  • Incorporate multimedia, gamification, social learning, and other innovative techniques to increase learner engagement and retention

Workshop Outline

Day 1: 9.00am - 5.00 pm

Module 1: Understand your organisation knowledge requirement to meet your business goals using the Knowledge Landscaping Methodology

  • Understanding the systemic effect of knowledge gaps in an organisation using the Law of Causation will help develop an
    effective learning engagement model
  • Establish your learner's intrinsic and extrinsic motivation towards learning
  • Exercise: Using the Knowledge Landscaping Methodology, participants will build and understand their organizations knowledge map and knowledge cause and effect chain

Module 2: Developing your Unique Learning Engagement Model

  • Learning engagement means understanding the behaviors of the learners and how it can be turned into a learning habit. Understand the building blocks of a learning engagement framework to engage your learners
  • Learn about the different approaches to improve learner motivation and curate content that takes advantages of these approaches
  • Exercise: Participant will be taken through a practical session using the MAT Model to build a digital learning engagement model that works for their organization

Day 2: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Module 3: Turning learning into a habit through Value Creation Maps

  • Understand the learner's journey and providing value at particular intervention will stimulate the learning habits. Develop engaging intervention points by incorporating tools, gamification, social learning and innovative techniques and channels to enforce habits
  • Build effective communication touch points to enforce engagement and learning value
  • Exercise: Using the The Hero's Journey, participants will learn how to
    develop a learning journey that is builds on the habits on the learner to achieve master

Module 4: Measuring effectiveness of Your Digital L&D and building feedback loops

  • Understand learning patterns from data and experimentation techniques to curate effective content and learning strategies
  • Build feedback loops for continuous monitoring to meet measurable outcomes
  • Exercise: Using prescriptive analytics techniques, participants will learn how to develop actionable strategies for improved intervention of learner's engagement

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