Gamification: How to Create Employee Engagement In Your Workplace and Drive Results

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August. (11)

Gamification Introduction/ Overview

For the past 8 years, we have assisted many Malaysian organisations in their workplace transformation by applying gamification strategy and it is rewarding to see the impact gamification has brought into solving workplace hurdles effectively. Internal capability building is crucial to sustain a long term gamification project, therefore, our certified Game Thinking Coach will guide you through the Principles of Gamification and support you in building your first gamification project using Gametize.

Example of projects you can develop during the workshop:

  • Design Culture Setting & Core Values Alignment with Gamification
  • Design Blended Learning for Internal Training with Gamification
  • Design Virtual Internship Program for Employer Branding
  • Design Employee On-boarding Journey from Pre-Boarding to Organisational Onboarding
  • Design Marketing or Awareness campaign
  • Design CSR Initiative with Gamification

(Content template and guidance will be provided during the workshop)

Workshop Outcome

Upon completion of this workshop, participant will be able to:

Apply Gamification design at workplace

Design learning experience with Gamification to increase participation & better knowledge retention

Produce balance of extrinsic & intrinsic reward design to entice employee loyalty and build long term engagement

Develop gamification strategy and content in Gametize

Who is this for:
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Culture & Values
  • Training & Academy
  • Graphic Designer
  • Internal / Corporate Communication
  • Any function/department driving people engagement

This program is learner-centered and interactive, with unique activities developed to allow participants to immerse themselves into the concepts taught. This program consists of a mixture of group discussions, practice, theoretical lectures, thought-provoking and engaging team activities, self-learning and reflection and debriefing sessions to integrate learning.

Programme Outline

Day 1:

Session 1: The Power of Gamification in Your Workplace
  • Understand the concept of gamification
  • How gamification is impacting business, employee engagement & motivation
  • Using gamification at the workplace to drive performance & productivity
Session 2: Gamification Framework that Drives Performance and Productivity
  • Human Psychology and Motivation
  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
  • Gamification Models and Frameworks
Session 3: Introduction to Gametize
  • What is Gametize
  • How Gametize Help as a Tool
Session 4: Introduction to Key Function & Features
  • Introduction to Project, Topic, Flashcard & Challenge
  • 11 Types of Challenges
  • Saving, Editing & Reordering Flashcard & Challenges
  • Project Tools Bar
  • Topic Tools Bar
  • User Registration & Admin
Session 5: Developing Your Gamification Project
  • Defining your players
  • Building your players journey
Session 6: Building learning loops for your players
  • Creating your user desired action
  • Difference Between Learning Content & Engaging Content
Session 7: Building Engagement in Your Gamification Project
  • Storyboarding and Game Themes
  • Creating Content for Flashcards & Challenges

Day 2:

Session 8: Motivation and Achievements
  • Playtest and user feedback
  • Human Motivation Framework
  • Incorporating achievement to your player’s journey
  • Game Design elements
Session 9: Rewards & Recognition Design
  • Understanding the SAPS Framework
  • Setup badges, awarding & awarding action
  • Rewards & point system setup
Session 10: Project Planning
  • Designing your project plan
  • Case studies of successful gamification
  • Challenges and Remedies of gamification

Dr. Tom Tan holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Newcastle, Australia with a focus on Online Consumer Behavior. He is also a Certified GrowthX Instructor, Certified ExO Consultant, Certified ExO Trainer (the only one in Malaysia) and Certified Game Thinking Coach with all certification from USA.

He is also a Certified Business Strategy Professional from CERTA, UK as well as a Certification in Case Study teaching method conducted by Harvard Business School and the International Institute of Management, India. Throughout his 35 years’ career, he has led teams in leadership and organizational transformation, as well as change management as a result of digitization of organizations and, has led both local and foreign staff through his exposure working in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. He understands both technology as well as business and is able to synthesize the impact of technology in today’s business. His experiences in the corporate sector, as well as entrepreneurship, allows him to effectively link both theoretical and practical applications. He was one of the first in Malaysia to develop an ecommerce store in 1996 as well as the first dedicated Internet training center and led the software development of MyEG in 1997. He was also leading the business operation of the largest online game portal in South East Asia in the mid-2000s.

He also has over 18 years of corporate training experience and has developed key programs that are fundamental to organization development in the areas of e-commerce, e-business, growth marketing, entrepreneurship as well as security governance and IT strategies. He was also a business coach for the Malaysian Innovation Foundation and United Nations Capital Development Fund as well as External assessor for the British Computer Society for Computational Thinking. He is also currently a coach for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) under the auspice of MDEC and a trainer and coach for MAGIC’s GAP programs as well as SME Development Corporation start-up programs as well as a regular invited speaker for the VISTAGE CEO coaching community. He is also an Adjunct Professor with Asia Pacific University as well as an a member of the SME Association Think Tank and Chairman of the Business Regeneration Center, SME Association.

Specialization: Business Growth, Business Performance Management, Growth Marketing, Business Management, Business Model Design, Support Process Management, Strategy Management, Business Planning, Digital Transformation.

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