Speed Selling 5 – Selling Benefits (1D)



You may have the most innovative product and possess the best knowledge of your services but if you cannot present its benefits effectively, achieving the outcome that you want will become a real challenge. Presentation of benefits is a powerful way to communicate your intentions and ideas to your target audience. They are great opportunities to transform the communication process from a passive perspective to a pro-active position. You can use presentations to effectively sell the benefits of your products, persuade your audience to take a particular course of action on your solutions, or provide a forum for active discussion of ideas. Applying effective presentation skills that emphasizes on benefits greatly enhance one’s ability to do their job through the use of various strategies in business communication. Presentation skills that focus on benefits are critical for today’s sales professionals if they intend to be successful in selling to various types of audience, in any location, at any time.

This unique 1-day, activity driven program teaches skills that boost personal productivity and relationship building through increased understanding and effective implementation of the presentation process. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create compelling desire to buy your ideas and solutions when you are presenting your points to your audience at every given opportunity.

Speed Selling 5: Selling Benefits focuses on the following areas:






Training Outcome
After completing the training, you should be able to:
  • Design and develop effective presentation materials
  • Engage different audience with ease
  • Handle feedback and questions with confidence
  • Improve your personal presentation skills
  • Use various presentation strategies effectively
Our Methodology

Think differently to alter direction.

The experience of learning to read and write for the first time is likely to remain vivid in your memory. The skill is ingrained and it stays. The primary objective of our training and workshop is to make your new knowledge and abilities as durable as the ones you've already accumulated.  They foster fresh ideas. They enable great feats. Individual behaviour and attitude contribute to your organization's success is what we prioritise.

Combining experiential, instructional, and discovery learning with current coaching technology promotes profound transformations in attitudes and behaviour that enable sustainable change in your business. These adjustments improve results.

Our programmes involve with 12 unique learning methodology as below:

Framework and Implementation
Our unique experiential framework and implementation empowers you to:
  • Assess, evaluate and improve on presentation materials
  • Build winning relationships with people
  • Communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Develop and present materials creatively
  • Employ effective presentation skills to different types of audience
  • Empower your audience to take effective action
  • Listen generously and question skilfully
  • Overcome fear during presentation
  • Provide clarity in your message and open your audience to areas of new possibilities
  • Receive and offer constructive feedback
  • Use presentation tools effectively
  • Work with powerful nonverbal communication

Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:

Module 1: Overview
  • Features and Benefits
  • Linking with Advantages
  • FAB selling
  • Linking benefits to needs
  • 5 creative ways to FAB selling
Module 2: Value-based Selling
  • 6 discovery questioning techniques
  • The Funnel Model
  • Tight conversation
  • Power Up!
  • Asking purposeful questions
Module 3: Effective Sales Arguments
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Value Drivers
  • 4 motivation types
  • Crafting persuasive selling conversations
Module 4: Presentation Flight
  • Live demonstration
  • The Hot Seat
  • Role of the audience
  • Art of feedback
  • Objective and subjective review

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