Gamification for Digital Learning

Games for Business Ltd. Develops a learning platform. The predecessor of the company a communications agency operating since 1999, with over 10 years of experience and international success in the area of HR gamification.

In recent years, we have implemented over 70 projects and worked together with international clients, such as BP, HBO Europe, PwC, or Telekom. Several international businesses and professional portals (e.g. about our projects.

The Purpose of Applying Platform

User habits and attitudes towards technology and tools have changed at a pace which the HR market did not manage to follow. Services that surround us are mobile, personalized, they apply peer-to-peer and gamification mechanisms, and provide instant, continuous feedback. Consequently, employee expectations are also different than they were a decade ago. Users want to take individual ownership and control of their learning and development.

Our goal is to create a motivating corporate learning system, in which learning is not a task, but a continuous internal demand. Our platform transmits information and behavior by operating a multi-layered motivational mechanism that fosters a self-conscious attitude. Our user-validated and ready solution has a huge competitive edge because it reduces the risk for organizations that lack practical experience with the newest technologies. The platform is also simply adaptable to varying organizational situations and goals.

Applied Methodologies

Repetitive learning

Users are motivated to use the system repeatedly. Virtual rewards, such as points, badges, and levels can be earned, which bring out the competitive nature of employees, and motivates them to overcome various challenges. This provides a significant advantage compared to other methods of training or learning.

Mobile learning

Mobile devices are always with you, always on, meaning that mobile information can be integrated into the normal workday. Mobile learning isn’t a different kind of learning; it’s providing people with the knowledge they need to be effective in their jobs by understanding how they are already using their mobile devices: in short bursts, during brief periods of downtime, and seeking information as close to the point of need as possible.

Continuous feedback & personalized learning

Our system provides detailed and visual reports about corporate knowledge and cognitive competency levels, as well as user activity. This allows your organization to track results and continuous development, and also to compare the achievements of different employee groups.  Organizations can define different categories of corporate information to appear in the game modules for relevant employee groups. Individual users follow their dedicated training program, but they always have choices and options to go further.

Gamification: experience and entertainment

By applying gamification and using research results of cognitive psychology, we create a fresh, simple approach: employees train their brain by playing soft games, and they learn organizational information, such as policies, colleagues, the brand, etc.  Gamification is a scalable framework for motivating employees to engage in desired behaviors without any corporate push. With our game platform, training becomes voluntary.

Virtual Team Building - Building a Resilient Team

  • The current global crisis has introduced many changes in our lives and has led us to feel an array of emotions. Workplace environments are reaching a breaking point and employees are under enormous pressure.
    A successful team culture begins with one’s ability to understand and manage their own emotions to recognise appropriate responses to others in any given situation.
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience are elements that help individuals respond more effectively to stressors, resolve issues, and support their team members through challenging times. The question is – how does one overcome challenge and bounce back stronger than ever?

Programme Outcome

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to:

• Create a trustful and safe working environment for one another
• Create meaningful conversations within team members
• Manage emotional behaviours that impact work-based relationships and decisions
• Integrate empathy to promote strong team player attributes
• Better time management to increase productivity and quality of work
• Improve to overall mental wellbeing with coping strategies and destress techniques

Our Methodology

• Combining experiential and discovery learning supported by user-friendly technology, creates powerful shifts in mindset and behaviour, all in the comfort and safety of home.
• Assist individuals, leaders, teams or companies to improve current performance, create an environment for more effective change management, increase productivity and employee engagement.
• A range of case studies, reflection exercises, feedback, online activities, group discussions, lectures and story-telling will be included. 100% engaging interaction, focused on delivering the experience of how emotional intelligence works in practical applications.

Talent LMS

TalentLMS is a highly configurable cloud-hosted learning management system created to help users simplify online seminars, courses, and other training programs.

TalentLMS is ideal for creating online courses and sharing them with remote teams. Move your training with TalentLMS now!

Come for the training, stay for the experience

An intuitive interface means training feels right from the very first click.

Ready to go, right out of the box

Creating new courses with a few simple clicks, adding users, and going live by the end of the day.

Matches your style, speaks their language

Which by personalising their experience to match your branding and localise to your users’ languages for training.

To have a short overview on how to create your course in TalentLMS, you can watch this video: –