The uStudio or Mini Studio is a video production application that allows you to capture and stream video with minimal technical expertise. It provides pre-made virtual studio templates and graphical overlays such as logos, titles, and tickers. This user-friendly virtual recording and broadcasting studio allows you to personalize your background or setting. Additionally, it captures both the presenter and presentation materials in multi-angle scenes, while also recording and streaming the video in real-time.

2D Virtual Studio Recording: Mini Studio

An application for video production to capture and stream video in real-time with minimum technical skills.

An easy-to-use virtual recording and broadcasting studio that enables you to customise the background or environment.

Captures the presenter and the presentation materials with its multiangle scenes while recording and/or streaming the video in real-time simultaneously.

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01 Flipped Virtual Classroom

An approach where audiences learn from online resources before attending a virtual class session with the instructor. During the virtual class session, the instructor facilitates discussions, answers questions, and provides feedback to the audiences. This approach allows for personalized learning and access to a range of online resources to support learning.

02 Blended Learning

The blend of online and in-person learning activities allows for a more flexible and personalized learning experience, catering to a range of learning styles and preferences.   The combination of online and in-person learning can also result in improved learning outcomes, as learners have more opportunities to practice and apply what they have learned.