Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI for Work and Business (1D)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Generative AI for Work and Business (1D)

Course Description


Discover the realm of generative AI (GAI) and its potential to revolutionise work and business operations in our comprehensive one-day workshop. Whether you’re aiming to streamline workflows, increase productivity, or foster innovation in the workplace, this workshop offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to leverage generative AI effectively in professional settings.  

Participants will have an opportunity to explore a variety of methods for integrating generative AI into different aspects of work and business, from handling emails to generating innovative ideas, enhancing presentations, and even writing scripts for role plays. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you’ll learn how to harness the power of generative AI to simplify tasks, optimise processes, and unleash creativity in the name of efficiency and effectiveness! 

Join us for this immersive artificial intelligence training workshop and unlock the full potential of generative AI to level up your professional endeavours. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the rationale behind incorporating generative AI into work and business environments. 
  • Identify specific opportunities within professional settings where generative AI can yield benefits. 
  • Take ownership of the output generated by generative AI systems, ensuring ethical considerations and quality control. 
  • Effectively organise and manage generative AI prompts to enhance productivity and creativity. • Utilise generative AI prompts to streamline various tasks and workflows in the workplace. 
  • Foster creativity and productivity through the strategic application of generative AI prompts. 


This AI course for beginners is a one-day workshop that employs a dynamic blend of lectures, hands-on exercises, case studies, and discussions to facilitate learning. Participants will engage with practical examples and real-world applications of generative AI, fostering a deep understanding of the concepts and strategies covered. At the end of this AI course, participants will also be able to receive a certificate for participation throughout this AI training.  

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Differentiate the significance of integrating generative AI into work and business contexts. 
  • Identify specific opportunities to leverage generative AI effectively within their professional roles. 
  • Apply responsibility for overseeing the output generated by generative AI systems, ensuring ethical considerations, and maintaining quality standards. 
  • Organise and manage generative AI prompts efficiently to support productivity and foster creativity in the workplace. 
  • Apply generative AI prompts strategically to streamline tasks such as email responses, project planning, document presentations, and social media content creation. 
  • Utilise generative AI prompts as catalysts for stimulating creativity, refining arguments in presentations, challenging conventional thinking, and effectively communicating ideas to decision-makers to achieve efficiency and effectiveness at work. 


Learning Outlines:

Topic 1: Using Generative AI in Work and Business 

  • Discover the benefits and advantages of adopting generative AI in professional settings. 
  • Identifying ways to gain from generative AI: Determine particular scenarios and activities in work and commercial contexts where generative AI might offer value and improve results. 
  • Discuss ethical and quality control strategies for overseeing generative AI output. 
  • Organise your generative AI prompts. Discover efficient ways for planning and managing generative AI prompts to increase productivity and creativity. 


Topic 2: Generative AI Prompts to Make Your Job Easier 

  • Learn how to use generative AI to automate email answers and improve efficiency. 
  • Learn how generative AI may aid project planning by creating task lists, timetables, and other planning tools. 
  • Generative AI simplifies presentation creation by translating textual documents into visually appealing slides. 
  • Learn how Generative AI can help create interesting and relevant content for social media, increasing brand visibility and interaction. 


Topic 3: Generative AI Prompts for Creativity and Productivity 

  • Learn how generative AI may spark unique ideas and solve professional issues. 
  • Learn how generative AI may help create mind maps for structuring ideas and brainstorming. 
  • Learn how generative AI may improve reasoning and persuasive communication by providing supporting evidence and counterarguments. 
  • Use generative AI to challenge traditional thinking and encourage creative problem-solving techniques. 
  • Learn how to use generative AI to create compelling presentations and pitches for decision-makers and stakeholders.