➊ Social-Game Based Mobile Learning Team Engagement

Look Inside Go Beyond (Unleash Your Potential)

The exponential growth of technologies have led to tremendous changes in the way we live and work. New business models have emerged since then as well as new ways of working. The pandemic has also exacerbated this situation. Some industries as well as jobs have been decimated and skills required have changed. Traditional jobs have been displaced and replaced by automation. In order to survive in today’s business environment, one has to be adaptable to changes. From this perspective, one critical factor that we need to have is a growth mindset i.e. the mindset needed to overcome challenges, to shift their perspective and look at challenges and develop their inherent potential.

Programme Outcome

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to:

  • Understand how our perception can drive our behaviors
  • Reframe your thinking process and perception
  • Develop a sense of purpose
  • Take personal ownership of your actions
  • Build self-confidence in your own beliefs

Our Methodology

Our Approach

We propose the following holistic approach to support your organization in building a growth mindset in your employees

  • Duration: 5 Days (each day spent less than 20mins)
  • Self-paced learning & team bonding
  • Encourage reward for the top winner (provided by client)


Gametize is designed to support the delivery of Gamified Look Inside Go Beyond Competition

Gametize is the world’s simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform, which consists of customized interactive challenges, flashcards, topics, and projects. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback, and rewards system. We have used Gametize to build different forms of applications like the example below:-

Gametize offers five key gamification platform features, namely interactive challenges, teams, leaderboards, achievement and rewards, and analytics.

A video preview of the gamified Look Inside Go Beyond

➋ 4Planz Digital Game

Strategic Seeds: Core Values Integration and Team Alignment Workshop with 4Plantz


Any organization suffers greatly if their employees lose sight of the vision, mission and core values of the company. On the other hand, when the organization fosters strong organizational commitment in every employee, extraordinary results and morale can easily be achieved.

4Plantz by UpSkillingMinds is an engaging, transformative, and immersive team-building game empowering participants to learn, reflect, and develop key values and behaviors. Fostering a winning mindset and self-empowerment, the program aligns participants with organizational values, ensuring both professional and personal success.

To fully maximize the program, UpSkillingMinds will collaborate with you to emphasize your organization’s core values, vision, and mission during the dynamic debriefing and sharing session at the end of the simulation.

This program is highly flexible and can be run physically (with physical props and game boards) or virtually on platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

4Plantz by UpSkillingMinds is a highly adaptive program and can be adjusted to emphasize your organization’s core values. At its core, the program seeks to inculcate into each participant the skills of:

Learning Objectives

a) Leadership and supporting others

b) Strategic thinking, problem solving and overcoming thinking blocks

c) Recognizing strengths and finding synergies in a diverse team

d) Effective communication whilst reducing unhealthy conflicts and rivalry in the organization

e) Motivating participants towards excellence and to foster a spirit of achievement

f) Innovation, productivity and resourcefulness

g) Building resilience and managing change effectively


The lecture-free program consists of an impactful, thought-provoking experiential game, interactive learning, and a dynamic debrief session. The workshop is learner centred and interactive, and specifically designed to allow participants to internalize and adopt your organization’s core values practiced during the program

Program Outline

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Introduction and Context Setting

  • Icebreakers and energizers 
  • Ground rules, medical and safety 
  • Awareness of the core values and cultures emphasized by your organization 
  • 4Plantz Game briefing 

10:15 AM – 11:45 AM

4PLANTZ Core Values Integration and Alignment Game

4Plantz Game Description

The residents of planet Stasimos have been hit by a deadly pandemic. The participants are an elite strike team chosen for a perilous expedition to the dangerous planet Hope, where they are tasked with the critical assignment of gathering 4 miracle plants capable of eradicating the virus ravaging Stasimos. Unfortunately, planet Hope is filled to the brim with dangerous creatures, hazardous environments, toxic climates, and hostile aliens. 


Luckily, the teams will quickly realize that with careful planning and by practicing the company’s core values, the dangerous journey can become much more manageable. Participants have to plan their resources to achieve their objectives, make difficult and fast decisions to maximize their opportunities and avoid the dangers that threaten the teams’ ability to save planet Stasimos and win the game. 

 4Plantz is a comprehensive experiential learning journey that effectively helps your teams apply, practice and live the core values, vision, and mission of your organization. 


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Debrief and Sharing Session

  • Final results check 
  • Debrief and sharing session 
  • Anchoring learning by emphasizing day-to-day practical applications 
  • Team awards and acknowledgement 
Examples of Core Values / Missions Emphasized by Other Organizations 

Sample Core Value:

Performance Excellence

Job Role Clarity

Core Value Practiced and

Adopted in Game 

Participants are split into teams of 5, with each individual having a unique role. A large part of the game is understanding, and maximizing, the different roles and strengths of team members. 


Achievement Beyond KPIs

The objective of the game is simple – collect the plants and return safely, but enterprising teams will plan their strategy carefully so they outperform simple KPIs, and aim to achieve far greater excellence and results. 

Growth Mindset


Trust and Respect 


Accountability to
Self and Team 


Leadership and
Communication Skills 

4Plantz is a game which constantly throws surprises to its players. As such, players must continuously to adapt and develop quickly to navigate the evolving challenges of the game. 

In a game where participants are pitted against a tight timeline and everyone’s contribution is critical, trust and sincerity become crucial in order to succeed. When teams are transparent in communication, they achieve better results. 

Things. Will. Go. Wrong. The 4Plantz game is designed with crises popping up constantly, and teams have to think on their toes. When a participant has made a mistake, it is then up to them to be accountable to the team, and for the rest of the team to adopt a problem-solving mindset instead of a blame-oriented mentality. 

The entire essence of the simulation game is to foster greater and more empathetic communication between team members. The ability to give and receive feedback gracefully is critical when the teams are racing against a ticking clock. 

➌ Gamification Practioner Workshop

About this Workshop

For the past 6 years, we have assisted many organisations in their workplace transformation by applying gamification strategy and it is rewarding to see the impact gamification has brought into solving workplace hurdles effectively. Internal capability building is crucial to sustain a long term gamification project, therefore, our certified Game Thinking Coach will guide you through the Principles of Gamification and support you on building your first gamification project using Gametize.

Workshop Outcome​

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply Gamification design at the workplace
  • Design learning experiences with Gamification to increase participation & better knowledge retention
  • Produce a balance of extrinsic & intrinsic reward design to entice employee loyalty and build long term engagement
  • Develop gamification strategy and content in Gametize

Workshop Outline

DAY 1  – 9:00 am to 5 pm Malaysia Time

Session 1: The Power of Gamification in Your Workplace

  • Understand the concept of gamification
  • How gamification is impacting business, employee engagement & motivation
  • Using gamification at the workplace to drive performance & productivity

Session 2: Gamification Framework that Drives Performance and Productivity

  • Human Psychology and Motivation
  • Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivation
  • Gamification Models and Frameworks 

Session 3: Introduction to Gametize

  • What  is Gametize
  • How Gametize Help as a Tool

Session 4: Introduction to Key Function & Features

  • Introduction to Project, Topic, Flashcard & Challenge
  • 11 Types of Challenges
  • Saving, Editing & Reordering Flashcard & Challenges
  • Project, Topic Tools Bar, User Registration & Admin

Session 5: Developing Your Gamification Project

  • Defining your players
  • Building your players journey

Session 6: Building learning loops for your players

  • Creating your user desired action
  • Difference Between Learning Content & Engaging Content

Session 7: Building Engagement in Your Gamification Project

  • Storyboarding and Game Themes
  • Creating Content for Flashcards & Challenges

DAY 2  – 9:00 am to 5 pm Malaysia Time

Session 8: Motivation and Achievements

  • Playtest and user feedback
  • Human Motivation Framework
  • Incorporating achievement to your player’s journey
  • Game Design elements

Session 9: Rewards

  • Understanding the SAPS Framework
  • Setup badges, awarding & awarding action
  • Rewards & point system setup

Session 10: Project Planning

  • Designing your project plan
  • Case studies of successful gamification
  • Challenges and Remedies of gamification