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Gamification is when game elements and mechanics are used outside of games to get people interested and motivated and to solve problems. Different gamification techniques can give users a sense of accomplishment and help them find their own motivation, which can increase employee productivity. It helps get people interested, whether they are employees or customers. When it comes to innovation, gamification can be a powerful way to encourage creativity, collaboration, and engagement, which can lead to the creation of new ideas, solutions, and products.

Gamification can encourage innovation by providing an engaging and rewarding framework for problem-solving. It can help people come up with new ideas by making problem-solving fun and rewarding and help teams focus on specific goals and objectives by breaking down big problems into smaller, more manageable tasks. This can help people be more creative by getting them to look at problems from different points of view and try out new ideas and methods.

Gamification can also help people work together and share what they know by encouraging them to work towards common goals and giving them chances to get feedback and be recognised. This can make it easier for people to share ideas, build trust, and learn new skills, all of which are important for innovation.

Overall, gamification can be a powerful driver of innovation because it offers a structured and fun way to solve problems, encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge, and keeps people interested and motivated over time.

Why Choose Us As Your Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Learning Partner?

Our trainers are real-world innovators and entrepreneurs with years of experience across different industries. Like all our other training, our training approach involves a unique blend of:

✓ Digital learning
✓ Classroom learning reinforcement
✓ Role-play
✓ Business case presentation
✓ Assignments
✓ Coaching

Our trainers have trained Astro, OCBC, PLUS, Pizza Hut, Green Packet, Ipay88, etc.
Our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses
Kindly browse our Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses below for an overview. We provide both online and offline training. If you have any questions, please email us or click the floating whatsapp button to contact us.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Q & A:

1. Why are innovation and entrepreneurship important in Malaysia?

In today’s competitive environment driven by technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are key differentiators for organisation to build sustainable growth.

Innovation creates the ability for organisation to continue to be agile in the face of new competitors and develop new and refreshing products to meet the growing demands of its competitors

In a world of abundance where products are developed in multitudes, the ability to develop innovative products and services allows companies to have a competitive advantage. This combined with modern-day entrepreneurship allows companies to grow exponentially.

In essence, learning about how innovation is developed today with new entrepreneurial techniques of building business enables one to continue to grow.

2. What is so different about our innovation and entrepreneurship courses?

Our innovation and entrepreneurship courses are based on some of the most cutting-edge methods used by the Silicon Valley companies with the fastest growth. As technology like CHATGPT, Metaverse, and others continue to grow and change the world around us, traditional ways of building a business are becoming more and more out of date and not suited to the VUCA world we live in today. To take advantage of and make the most of the changing business environment, you need to learn new techniques.

3. What is the innovation and entrepreneurship training course's price in Malaysia?

Innovation and entrepreneurship training courses’ price is in the range of RM 4,000 to RM 12,000. The price is determined by the duration of the training & workshop. The professional fee is also subject to trainers. The more experienced a trainer, the professional fee is higher.

3. What are the innovation and entrepreneurship training courses you offer?

UpSkill Training offers various innovation and entrepreneurship training programs from game-thinking training that focuses on innovation to lean sales which uses lean techniques to develop a repeatable sales model. In addition, we have a 2-day program in developing exponential organisations taking into account 11 unique attributes developed by Salim Ismail, who was the Chief Marketing Officer of Yahoo, through studying 3000 of the fastest growing companies in the USA. We also offer a 4-month program that helps organisation develop leading-edge initiatives and includes a series of hands-on coaching as the participants learn the diverse techniques on offer. This program has been attended by some of the biggest corporations in Malaysia including Daikin, PLUS Berhad and Greenpacket.

4. Why should I choose Upskill training as my innovation and entrepreneurship training provider?\

Upskill training has 12 years of experience in the training industry. Upskill Training is the pioneer to bring the Gamification approach and methodology to the learning space. Innovation and entrepreneurship training courses that are designed and conducted by UpSkill Training are highly engaging and with the element of behavioural change and habit building.

5. Is your innovation and entrepreneurship training courses HRDF claimable?

Yes, Upskill Training is an authorised training provider under HRDF (PSMB). All our training programs & workshop are HRDF claimable.

6. I am interested, Who should I contact?

Kindly click the bottom left floating button below or "Contact Us" button or the to fill up the inquiry form. Our sales rep will get back to you within 24 hours.

Please provide the info stated in the inquiry form, hence, our sales rep could suggest the service offering accordingly.