HRDF Claimable training course

HRDF / HRD Corp Claimable Training Courses 2023


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digital businesses, causing many traditional companies to adapt to the changing business landscape. As a result, technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s economy. However, it is important to remember that digital businesses are still run by people, not machines.

New technologies like robotics automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence (such as Chat-GPT), 3D drawing and printing, and the 5G wireless network are providing unprecedented levels of machine capabilities. This is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it will have a profound impact on the global job market. While some job roles will become obsolete, new ones will emerge, making reskilling and upskilling critical for staying competitive in this rapidly advancing technological environment.

Soft skills, on the other hand, are more about personal traits, cognitive skills, behavior, and thinking. They can be challenging to measure, but they are crucial for success in a variety of roles and industries.

So, let’s take a look at the lists of our most in-demand HRDF claimable soft skills training courses for 2023. (all training courses below can be conducted online)

Leadership Development
Grooming & Business Etiquette
Business English & Communication
Team Building
Customer Service
Mental Wellness
Common Soft Skills
Compliance Training
Top 16 Essential Soft Skills for The Future of Work
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

HRD Corp (HRDF) Claimable Courses Q&A

What are training courses eligible for HRDF claims?

HRDF claimable training courses are training programs offered by training providers who are authorized by HRD Corp.(Human Resource Development Corporation)


Who can claim funds from HRDF?

Companies that contribute to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) are eligible to claim back training fees from HRD Corp


Is Up Skill Training authorized by HRDF as a training provider?

Yes, Up Skill Training is an authorized training provider under HRD Corp, and our trainers are HRD Corp certified under the Train the Trainer (TTT) program.


What is the maximum amount of HRDF funds that can be claimed for courses?

Under the HRDF SBL scheme, contributing companies can claim up to RM 8,000 per day for technical courses and RM 6,000 per day for soft skills courses.


Can online courses and e-learning programs be claimed under HRDF?

Yes, HRDF allows claims for online courses and e-learning programs.


Where can I register for your online HRDF-claimable training courses?

Please click on the “contact us” button and fill out our contact form. Our UpSkill Specialist will respond to you and provide guidance.


Can I request customized courses that meet my specific needs?

Yes, most of our courses can be customized to meet your training needs. Our Level Up Specialist will recommend the best course outline and trainer based on information such as your audience profile, current challenges, expected outcomes, and even age group.


How could I contact you ?

Kindly hit the “Contact Us” button and fill up the contact us form. Our Level Sup Specialist will get in touch with you within 24 hours! Alternatively, you can reach out to us via the floating buttons on bottom left below