Sales Training Malaysia – Questions And Answers

Why Sales Training ?

In order to increase sales performance and meet organisational objectives, sales professionals must be educated and coached to develop their skills and expertise. It is crucial for firms of all sizes and enhances the performance, effectiveness, and motivation of sales teams.

Some of the main advantages of sales training include the following:

Improved sales techniques: Sales training equips people with the knowledge and abilities needed to persuade prospects, deal with objections, and close deals. This includes becoming knowledgeable about the most recent approaches to selling, such as solution selling and account-based selling.

Increase self-assurance: Sales training gives professionals the skills and information they need to do their jobs well, which helps them feel more confident. As a result, communication is more effective, presentation abilities are enhanced, and self-awareness is raised.

Improved customer relationships: Sales training teaches salespeople how to better understand the demands of their clients and how to interact with them. This entails learning about follow-up techniques, effective listening techniques, and customer service abilities.

Increased productivity: Sales training helps sales professionals work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in improved productivity and increased sales. This includes training on time management, goal setting, and motivation.

Improved team performance: Sales training not only benefits individual sales professionals but also helps improve the performance of the entire sales team. This is achieved through team-building exercises, role-playing, and other collaborative activities.

Increase Revenue : Companies should invest heavily in sales training since it can boost sales by enhancing the performance of the sales team. In order to do this, more deals must be closed, client relationships must be strengthened, and less time must be dedicated to unsuccessful sales efforts.

In conclusion, sales training is an essential investment for companies of all sizes since it equips sales representatives with the abilities and information required to reach their objectives and boost sales effectiveness. Businesses may make sure that their sales employees are equipped with the most recent strategies and industry-best practises by offering continual training.




Sales Training  Q & A:

1. Why sales training courses are important in Malaysia?

Business needs to bring in revenue and make profit to sustain and growth. Especially to remain competitive in this VUCA world or highly challenging business environment, training and developing your sales team is essential. A strong sales team is one of the most important tools which help companies to stay ahead of the game.

Yet to achieve the expected growth within self is not easy. Hence, it’s important for businesses to treat sales training & workshops as an investment rather than a cost. Especially in a B2B setting, a salesperson is playing a very important role to seal the deals. A well trained salesperson can open up many opportunities to bring in potential customers. Hence, the sales training process is a critical factor in the world of sales. The better trained salesperson, the better they would be able to perform in the organisation.

2. What is the sales training course price in Malaysia?

Sales training & workshop price is in the range of RM 4,000 to RM 12,000. The price is determined by the duration of the sales training & workshop. The professional fee is also subject to trainers. The more experienced a trainer, the professional fee is higher.

3. What are the sales training courses you offer ?

Up Skill Trainng offers various sales training programs from individual sales processes training such as training that focuses on prospecting, gaining appointments, engaging customers, negotiation, closing deals etc. Besides, we also offer 2 days sales training that covers the fundamentals of a high performing salesperson. Lastly, we offer modular customised sales training that cater for 6 to 12 month sales team development with coaching. This is a highly effective sales development program that is designed to equip the best selling skills and develop good sales habits for the sales team.

4. Why should I choose Up Skills Training as my sales training courses provider?

The Trainers in our company has 12 years experience in the training industry. We are one of the pioneer to bring Gamification approach and methodology in the learning space. Sales training & workshop that is designed and conducted by  Up Skill Training is highly engaging and with the element of behavioural change and habit building.

5. Is your sales training & workshop HRDF claimable?

Yes, We are one of the authorised training provider under HRD Corp (PSMB). All our training programs & workshop are HRDF claimable.

6. I am interested, Who should I contact?

Kindly click the "Contact Us" button to fill up the inquiry form. Our sales rep will get back to you within 24 hours. Please provide the info stated in the inquiry form, hence, our sales rep could suggest the service offering accordingly.