All About Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

There’s a Huge Gap in the Way We Solve Problems

Consider the following scenario: We've noticed that our company's new recruits are quitting at an alarming pace. Managers do not depart as regularly as they used to. What should we do to address this issue?

Should managers be sent to workshops for leadership and communication training?
Examine juniors' pay packages to make them more competitive?
Boost team and employee engagement via focused projects?
Redesign the workplace to be more positive and less toxic?

If you choose any of the above, we may have skipped the most important stage in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - CLARITY, often known as determining the fundamental cause of an issue.

Indeed, if we do not address the underlying reason, the same issue will reoccur on a regular basis!

In a 7-day training marathon this month, I taught Critical Thinking and Problem Solving to three incredible firms. These enterprises include Malaysia's most popular premium grocery chain, another popular health and beauty care chain drugstore, and the world's biggest generator of renewable energy. Surprisingly, all of the volunteers had the same adorable habits.

We played a number of games throughout the sessions to assist participants comprehend the consequences of rushing to finish things without first addressing the core problems. This invariably leads in the participants laughing at themselves and failing to listen to directions.

So, why are we so quick to fix problems? We're hooked to Dopamine, therefore that's part of the reason. It seems great to cross things off our to-do list fast, but we'll end up spending significantly more time and money since the underlying issue was not addressed!

If your staff have a propensity to hurry to solve issues or lack sound decision making abilities in general, ask us away and we’ll fix those fundamental problems together!