Top 5 Reasons Why Team Building is Important!

Team building activities usually involve a myriad of games and activities that are meant to challenge and stimulate the members to improve the synergy between members. It may be activities that encourage their teammates to try harder or for all members to really collaborate and produce great work together. No matter the activities, today we’ll look at what are the reasons why teamwork is incredibly important in a workplace. Let’s dive in.

Helps Remove the Awkwardness between Senior-Junior Employees
Many new hires may feel uncomfortable to be so open with the senior staff. The games in team building are usually designed to make the participants talk, interact, and have fun with each other, therefore, leading to a better sense of camaraderie. Whenever people play the same games, they tend to let their walls down more and be less hesitant to share their thoughts, ideas, or opinions. It also enhances the spirit of teamwork.
Builds Trust
Many of us may not be aware of the lack of trust amongst employees at a workplace. A lot of people hesitate to simply trust their co-workers and they will then intentionally put up their guards. This is understandable especially when they’ve personally experienced the horrors of office politics. But with fun activities that are meant to build a sense of trust between teammates, employees will begin to trust their co-workers more. Once a sense of trust is built, then they will feel freer to share their ideas and this will hopefully lead to an expansion of productivity.
Encourages Creativity and Learning
A team building session is successful when it manages to make employees learn from each other as well as showcasing their talents. In contrast to an individual task, teamwork requires every teammate to put their heads together and discuss what steps to take. It requires them to put forth their perspectives, methods, and skills even if it is entirely new and out of the box. What it culminates in is a fusion of innovative and creative ideas that usually produces operational work. In addition to that, the work itself is no longer viewed as a burdensome project but something that can be fun and enjoyable for all team members.
It Creates a Better Work Environment
A lot of companies believe that a serious, dull, and professional work setting is the kind of ambience that will inspire the highest productivity. The truth is employees are human beings and as humans we tend to want some amount of joy and entertainment in our lives. This is why team building can really help inject some of the fun and festive mood in a workplace, transforming a boring and heavy atmosphere to a more light-hearted one where work can be seen as fun and enjoyable. Hence, this is how a better work environment can actually help with increasing work productivity and the satisfaction of employees when it comes to performing their tasks.
It Unveils Hidden Talents
A great attribute to team building activities is that it helps unveil employees’ and their many hidden talents and skills. A lot of working people tend to feel like they couldn’t share their full potential because they just weren’t given that chance. But with team building sessions, where people are told to relax more and let go of some of their inhibitions, they will then feel motivated enough to showcase some of their hidden talents.

For example, let’s say Janice is pretty skilled at Photoshop and knows how to create incredible graphics. When her team was assigned a job to produce all the media like banners, buntings, posters and e-tickets, Janice was hesitant to offer her help because she was just a copywriter. It wasn’t until there was a team building activity that involved each group to come up with a restaurant and promote it did, she reveal her hidden skill to the delight of her teammates. Thus, this is proof as to why team building is so vital in an organisation with many people. They get to unveil their skills and talents that might have remained unutilised, and they get t0 learn about their colleagues more.

With that, we come to the end of our list of 5 reasons why team building is so important in a work environment. As stated above, team building activities really help with delivering better productivity and creating team cohesion. Colleagues learn to trust one another, share ideas and skills, help create better environments and more. There are many other benefits to team building so don’t just rely on our article.

Read up on the matter through other various websites and sources. If your company is looking for a better team building experience, drop us an email or give us a call. UpskillTraining is all about providing excellent team building experiences for you and your employees!