1 Day Email Writing & Email Etiquette – HMM


We are in this age of fast changing technology where email is the preferred and often most efficient form of business communication. Special attention needs to be given to email etiquette framework when using this very important business communications tool for effective and efficient communication.

This 1-Day training course provides you with the skills and techniques necessary for managing emails, writing professionally with effective email structures and the do’s and don’ts in business email writing.  Learn how to draft emails that are clear and concise to minimise any miscommunication. Miscommunication could very well be costly both to the organization and you.

Course Objectives

By the end of this 1Day Course, participants should be able to:

Identify the essentials for good Business Communication

Explain the importance of Email Etiquette (Netiquette) and what it is

Structure a Business Email

Develop a heightened awareness of the potential perils of digital communication

Master effective email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication

Learn to write for the reader, starting with effective subject lines

Carefully consider the email recipients

Learn to work within principles or 'rules of thumb' to ensure professional, clear & effective emails

Perfect grammar because it matters

Format messages for readability

Learn to avoid senders regret by proof reading

Avoid Common Writing Pitfalls

Target Audience: Students and Graduates who are about to embark on a Career
Course Content
  • Welcome, Program Introduction & Ice Breaking
  • Introduction to Business Writing & Email Writing
  • The Importance of Email Etiquette (Netiquette)
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Polishing your Cyber Manners
  • Creating Structure for Success
  • Watch your Grammar
  • Formatting your Email Message
    • Email Exercise 1
    • Critique Session
    • Email Exercise 2
    • Critique Session
  • The Final Tips
  • Proof reading
  • Useful Phrases

Think differently to alter direction.

The experience of learning to read and write for the first time is likely to remain vivid in your memory. The skill is ingrained and it stays. The primary objective of our training and workshop is to make your new knowledge and abilities as durable as the ones you've already accumulated.  They foster fresh ideas. They enable great feats. Individual behaviour and attitude contribute to your organization's success is what we prioritise.

Combining experiential, instructional, and discovery learning with current coaching technology promotes profound transformations in attitudes and behaviour that enable sustainable change in your business. These adjustments improve results.

Our programmes involve with 12 unique learning methodology as below:

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