Art Of The Buy-In (2D)



You may have the best ideas and possess the knowledge in executing your ideas but if you cannot present it effectively or get the necessary buy-in, achieving the outcome that you want becomes a real challenge. The Art Of The Buy-In is a powerful way to communicate your intentions and ideas to your target audience. They are great opportunities to transform the communication process from a passive perspective to a pro-active position. You can use the techniques learned to effectively persuade your audience to take a particular course of action, to convey convincing information, to gain commitment or to provide a forum for discussion of ideas. Applying effective presentation skills, including storytelling, greatly enhance your ability to get the job done in an inspiring and impactful manner.

This unique 2-day, activity driven program teaches skills that boost personal productivity and relationship building through increased understanding and effective implementation of the persuasive presentation process. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create the greatest positive impact when you are presenting your next idea, solution or business improvement initiative.

Art Of The Buy-In focuses on the following areas:

Context setting


Objection handling



Training Outcome
After completing the training, you should be able to:
  • Build compelling stories for customers, staff and stakeholders
  • Develop the power of persuasion
  • Influence your audience for the buy-in
  • Master tools to tell stories persuasively
  • Match audience needs with benefits of value-based statements
Our Methodology

Think differently to alter direction.

The experience of learning to read and write for the first time is likely to remain vivid in your memory. The skill is ingrained and it stays. The primary objective of our training and workshop is to make your new knowledge and abilities as durable as the ones you've already accumulated.  They foster fresh ideas. They enable great feats. Individual behaviour and attitude contribute to your organization's success is what we prioritise.

Combining experiential, instructional, and discovery learning with current coaching technology promotes profound transformations in attitudes and behaviour that enable sustainable change in your business. These adjustments improve results.

Our programmes involve with 12 unique learning methodology as below:

Framework and Implementation
Our unique experiential framework and implementation empowers you to:
  • Achieve your intended objectives effectively
  • Close deals and required buy-ins with greater success rate
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Develop your personal unique storytelling style
  • Employ effective communication skills to different types of listeners
  • Improve relationships through effective communication
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Influence people
  • Inspire and motivate your audience
  • Listen generously and question skillfully
  • Match stakeholders’ needs with value propositions
  • Present your story persuasively

Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:

Module 1: Overview
  • Context setting
  • The 3 elements
  • Defining your presentation
  • Content prioritization
  • Presentation planning tool
Module 2: Set The Scene
  • Elevator pitching
  • Story selling structure
  • SPIN
  • The 3-Act Structure
  • Pulse check and rollover
Module 3: State The Idea
  • Brainstorming for ideas
  • Value-based propositions
  • Developing USPs
  • The Needs Pyramid
  • OPENINGS styles
Module 4: Delivering The Idea
  • From ‘selling’ to ‘buying’
  • Features, Advantages & Benefits
  • Bridging statements
  • Mastering the deck
  • Powerful visual presentation

Day 2:

Module 5: Objection Handling
  • Principles of influence
  • Question-fielding techniques
  • The PLUS Model
  • Yes-No-Yes Model
  • What If
Module 6: Closing
  • Persuasive language techniques
  • Types of closers
  • Summarize and prioritize
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Confirm the agreement
Module 7: Presentation Flight 1
  • Live demonstration
  • The Hot Seat
  • Role of the audience
  • Art of feedback
  • Objective and subjective review
Module 8: Presentation Flight 2
  • Live demonstration
  • The Hot Seat
  • Role of the audience
  • Art of feedback
  • Objective and subjective review

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