High Performance Sales Models: Creating a Repeatable Model for Growth

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Introduction/ Overview

Today’s innovation economy requires a different approach to marketing and sales simply because development of products are in abundance while the markets are evolving rapidly. The risk for today’s corporate lies not only in finding product market fit but also in customer development and scaling. There is a need for sales & marketing in organisations to become more efficient and effective at understanding customer needs and providing an effective solution to their needs. The application of the lean methodology in today’s sales and marketing processes allows the alignment of corporate strategies to those needs, so they can create valuable and competitive solutions for those needs, and then facilitating the trial, buying decision, purchase, delivery, and feedback processes to satisfy those customers now, and encouraging repeat purchases and advocacy to other potential customers.

The 2-day program brings lean principles and process thinking into the center stage of sales and marketing planning using a Sales and Marketing process model.

The methodology takes into consideration the following:

Capability of the process to generate sufficient new enquiries of the right type

Capability of the process at converting new enquires into actual sales

Capability of the process at maximising sales

Capability of the process at retaining customers of the right type

Using a blend of teaching techniques and holistic thinking approaches, this program enables the participants to have a practical approach blending both theory and practice in sales.

Learning Objectives

The objectives of the workshop is to:-

Understand in detail what the customer values in your product offering

Learn how to develop a repeatable sales process to generate repeatable growth

Understand how to optimize your sales funnel velocity


This program is learner-centered and interactive, with unique activities developed to allow participants to immerse themselves into the concepts taught. This program consists of a mixture of group discussions, practice, theoretical lectures, thought-provoking and engaging team activities, self-learning and reflection and debriefing sessions to integrate learning.

Programme Outline

Day 1:

Learning Outline
Session 1: The Evolution of Business from Scarcity to an Abundance World
  • The Age of Innovation: The Influence of Exponential Technologies
  • Modern Customer Development
  • The Concept of Product Market Fit
Session 2: The Modern Consumer
  • Consumer Behavior and Lean Sales
  • The B2C and B2B Sales and Marketing Funnel
  • Segmenting Your Buyers
  • Understanding Your Buyer Persona
Session 3: Understand and Creating Value for Your Buyers
  • Developing your customer Journey through Journey Mapping
  • The Concept of Value Streaming In Optimising Sales Cost
  • Sales Resource Mapping: Value Streaming and Resource Review
Session 4: Building Your Sales Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales Process Review
  • Sales Strategy: The 3 Phase approach
  • The Renaissance Sales Representative
  • Harvard Case Study

Day 2:

Session 5: Building Your Sales Pipeline
  • Account Mapping and Pipeline Development
  • Building Your Sales Funnel
  • Measuring Your Sales Funnel Velocity
Session 6: Strategies of Acquiring Customers
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Conversational Framework: Moving from Conversation to Opportunities
  • The SPIN Selling Process
  • BANT Qualification Framework
Session 7: Communicating Your Value Proposition
  • Sales Pitch and Proposal
  • Your Sales Playbook

Dr. Tom Tan holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Newcastle, Australia with a focus on Online Consumer Behavior. He is also a Certified GrowthX Instructor, Certified ExO Consultant, Certified ExO Trainer (the only one in Malaysia) and Certified Game Thinking Coach with all certification from USA.

He is also a Certified Business Strategy Professional from CERTA, UK as well as a Certification in Case Study teaching method conducted by Harvard Business School and the International Institute of Management, India. Throughout his 35 years’ career, he has led teams in leadership and organizational transformation, as well as change management as a result of digitization of organizations and, has led both local and foreign staff through his exposure working in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. He understands both technology as well as business and is able to synthesize the impact of technology in today’s business. His experiences in the corporate sector, as well as entrepreneurship, allows him to effectively link both theoretical and practical applications. He was one of the first in Malaysia to develop an ecommerce store in 1996 as well as the first dedicated Internet training center and led the software development of MyEG in 1997. He was also leading the business operation of the largest online game portal in South East Asia in the mid-2000s.

He also has over 18 years of corporate training experience and has developed key programs that are fundamental to organization development in the areas of e-commerce, e-business, growth marketing, entrepreneurship as well as security governance and IT strategies. He was also a business coach for the Malaysian Innovation Foundation and United Nations Capital Development Fund as well as External assessor for the British Computer Society for Computational Thinking. He is also currently a coach for JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) under the auspice of MDEC and a trainer and coach for MAGIC’s GAP programs as well as SME Development Corporation start-up programs as well as a regular invited speaker for the VISTAGE CEO coaching community. He is also an Adjunct Professor with Asia Pacific University as well as an a member of the SME Association Think Tank and Chairman of the Business Regeneration Center, SME Association.

Specialization: Business Growth, Business Performance Management, Growth Marketing, Business Management, Business Model Design, Support Process Management, Strategy Management, Business Planning, Digital Transformation.

About Talent Intelligence

We make it our mission of ‘To revolutionise the learning experience so that it is sustainable and effective’, as we want our clients to obtain positive changes in their employees’ behaviours that will stay and pave the way for organisational growth. Our vision is to be ‘The most innovative learning provider in Asia Pacific that capitalises on the latest technologies and the understanding of human behaviours’.

We use blended learning in team building programmes which can be a combination of:

Pre, during and post team building activities using gamification containing real-world quests for participants, which creates social interaction and instils team culture that is sustainable.

Interactive indoor team building programmes using board games and business simulation exercises,

Traditional classroom training and digital experience, using game elements to motivate people to learn

Outdoor team building activities such raft building, white-water rafting

Customised in-house programmes that incorporate blended learning in the following areas:

Team Building

Leadership Development

Interpersonal Skills & Communication

Sales & Customer Service

How we intend to build our efforts in the future

To build more off-the-shelf learning programmes so that we can quickly turn around when clients come to us for urgent

To expand our pool of trainers around Asia Pacific, who can deliver in different languages other than English

How are we disrupting the hr industry

We aim to revolutionise the learning space with digital learning experiences using gamification. Team building and many more physical classroom learning have been proven to be most effective with gamification, which drives people’s behaviours way before the physical session. The lasting effects of our programmes helped clients indirectly increase productivity with better team performance.

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