Has the introduction of digital technology made the old theories for business development and marketing obsolete? These tried-and-true theories, processes, and methods are still valued, but they are now turbocharged. Technology has enabled businesses to leverage more opportunities, and it is important to understand how you can take advantage of these developments. 

 The benefits of content marketing, a subset of digital marketing, are one of the most significant developments in digital marketing. This digital marketing training emphasises the significance of content marketing, which includes the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content in order to attract a clearly defined target customer and drive more profits. This strategy typically includes blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks, and other types of content that educate and inform the target customer. Additionally, the content they create can help establish their brand as an authority in their industry, which can lead to more leads and conversions over time. 

 So are you ready to embrace the world of digital marketing and make content marketing relevant to you and your organisation? 


14 Hours (2 days) 

Target Audience

The course targets professionals who either work with or are interested in how companies can transform digitally with the extensive use of content marketing. No specific prior knowledge is required. It also applies to executives and managers in many businesses and a wide range of organisations and sectors that have responsibility for ensuring that work teams adopt the digital transformation due to COVID-19 challenges, particularly teams that are responsible for business developments in digital marketing. 


The two days of training will be highly interactive and action-oriented. 

This training is conducted through a mix of learning methods, including: 

Role Plays

Group work or brainstorming sessions


Case Studies

Participative, interactive activity

Draws on the participants' own experience.

Learning Outcome

As a participant, at the training program's conclusion, you should be able to: 

Practice the skills and techniques in the SOSTAC model that lead to a company’s digital transformation.

Describe ways of using the ever-evolving digital marketing tools for content marketing.

Use the readily available tools to create impactful content marketing deliverables.

Apply the general approach to the digital marketing subject on a strategic level.

Apply these skills in the practical role-play session.

Design a business development plan to bring more revenue to your organisation.


Day 1


  • Digital technology unfolded. 
  • Digital marketing vs. content marketing. 
  • Introduction to digital technology from a transformational point of view. 
  • Understand essential business development and marketing approaches and how they are boosted and changed by digital technology and the external market environment. 


  • Explore the Digital Marketing Toolbox, 
  • Investigate practical and useful business theory, particularly as it relates to establishing the 5S objectives for digital marketing. 
  • Understand how to perform content marketing in a digital environment based on the constructed 5S objectives. 


  • Digital Marketing Remix 
  • Determining the digital marketing 4Ps and methods to identify it. 
  • Understand how to increase efficiency and precision in business development and marketing processes by the creation of a online value proposition. 


Day 2


  • Value Proposition: The foundation for methodology for the future 
  • Identify the digital marketing 4P variables and create a map of the future. 



  • Stepping ahead of the others 
  • Be able to use content marketing in all types of social media models and understand the mindset of digital customers, which are needed for business development and marketing in a fast-changing business landscape 


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