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Social Game-Based Mobile Learning Team Engagement Program

Look Inside Go Beyond

The exponential growth of technologies have led to tremendous changes in the way we live and work. New business models have emerged since then as well as new ways of working.  The pandemic has also exacerbated this situation.  Some industries as well as jobs have been decimated and skills required have changed.  Traditional jobs have been displaced and replaced by automation.  In order to survive in today’s business environment, one has to be adaptable to changes.

From this perspective, one critical factor that we need to have is a growth mindset i.e. the mindset needed to overcome challenges, to shift their perspective and look at challenges  and develop their inherent potential

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to:

  • Understand how our perception can drive our behaviours
  • Reframe your thinking process and perception
  • Develop a sense of purpose
  • Take personal ownership of your actions
  • Build self-confidence in your own beliefs

Our Approach

We propose the following holistic approach to support your organisation in building a growth mindset in your employees

  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Self-paced learning & team bonding (spent appx 20mins or less a day)
  • Encourage reward for top winner (provided by client)

Phase 1: Communicate

Communication Plan consist of:

  • Communication material
  • Communication channel
  • Communication schedule

Phase 2: Participate

Five (5) episodes of Mobile-Learning with Gamification Outline

One (1) episode to launch per day

The program duration is 5 days with challenges and contents being launched daily

The Look Inside Go Beyond Competition is a 5-day gamified engagement that focuses on teaching players to develop break-through mindset and unleashing your potential

Phase 3: Facilitate

Gametize measures and analyses engagement of participants throughout their gamification journey

Based on the analytics dashboards provided on Gametize, one can easily obtain a summary of the players’ engagement such as the number of users who completed the challenges each day, the project leaderboard which highlights the top users in the project based on their points, and the most active time for users to engage in the platform.


Gametize is designed to support the delivery of a Gamified Look Inside Go Beyond Competition

Gametize is the world's simplest enterprise-grade gamification platform, which consists of customised interactive challenges, flashcards, topics and projects. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback and rewards system.  We have used gametize to build different forms of application like the example as below:-

Gametize offers five key gamification platform features, namely interactive challenges, teams, leaderboard, achievement andrewards, and analytics

Corporate Wellness Talk

Topic 1: Be the Best Version of YOU! – Developing Resilience

Synopsis: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you challenges, make it a learning experience! This talk will look into how we can be the best versions of ourselves by learning to play our strengths, managing adversity, and developing good self-resilience.

Modules Description


·        What is self-awareness? Explanation of characteristics

·        Activity on self awareness, what are my stressors and strengths

Playing Your Strengths ·        Identifying what you are good at

·        Redesign you job to suit your strengths

Managing adversity ·        Challenge vs problem

·        Stress management strategies at work

Increasing resilience


·        Why should we have resilience? What is resilience?

·        Helpful thinking patterns and behaviours


Topic 2: Searching for the Silver Lining – Burnout 101

Synopsis: With the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are directly and indirectly hit either with pandemic fatigue, career problems, family issues and financial issues. It may be tricky to achieve, but it is crucial that we develop a positive mental attitude to fight stress and burnout and learn how to look for that silver lining in life.

Modules  Description  
Stress vs Burnout ·        What is Stress? How is it different from Pandemic Fatigue and Burnout?

·        Family & Workplace Burnout

Down Day Map (Personal Stress Map) ·        What are the stressors that may be causing my mini/mega burnout?

·        Drawing a Down Day Map (group sharing)

Reflection & Relaxation ·        The Three ‘A’ Approach to Burnout situations (introduction)

·        Alter

·        Avoid

·        Accept (& adapt)

·        Effective Relaxation Techniques

Embracing Positivity- Find the Silver Lining ·        Specific methods of finding meaning in life through the Three ‘A’ Approach


Topic 3: Positive Thinking To Transform Your Life

Synopsis: Hopelessness and despair seem to be similar themes when COVID-19 hit the world end of the year 2019. People started losing jobs, feeling family and work burnouts, feeling lonely, and becoming fed up with the pandemic. All these situations seem to take a toll on the members of society. How can we find the faith and zeal to move on? Something must be done! There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and hope for all. Employees that feel burnout can find the zeal to go to work, with a purpose.

Modules Description
Overview & Self-reflection ·        Mental implications of COVID-19, burnout

·        What is positivity? -Positive thinking activity

Reframing ·        “Here and now” concept

·        Positive communication tools

Finding Joy and Purpose at work ·        Writing a personal statement at work, tips to make work fun (post-burnout)

·        Shedding a bad day

Mood tracking ·        How to maintain a positive work-life balance?

·        Mood tracking apps

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